About Us

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Grandview was started by individuals who were tired of the norm of the industry. Too many "hands in the pot" and too many markups to the end consumer. The company might be new, but the experience is far from it. Combined, there are over 45 years of experience across all areas: manufacturing, distribution, operations, installation, commercial, residential, the list goes on...Simply put, we want to take the middle man out and give you the same great products at a fraction of the cost.


Grandview Flooring provides the best flooring solutions through service and honoring change.

Our Pillars: We are servants to our employees, customers, partners, and community.

Culture – it is important to give our employees a fun and relaxed place to conduct business, as well as holding each other accountable. We want them to feel comfortable and valued, because they are! We succeed as a team and thus, fail as a team as well.

Customers – We bring advanced experience and knowledge to find the best solution for our customers needs.

Change - Change is inevitable. It is our responsibility to constantly know what the trends are and which installation methods are recommended.

Community- It is important to give back to our community. Individuals within our community are what help make us successful, it makes sense to give back to the people that have given us so much!